Security × Safety

Automotive and IT are inseparable nowadyas exampled by a connected car, autonomous driving and etc.

While the modern convenience in automotive is advancing, cybersecurity threats are more realistic and the security and safety of a vehicle is becoming more complex.

Establishing both security and safety is an essential condition for securing automotive safety.

Not only IT security, but also the optimized vehicle security feature as well as securing the safety in automotive function such as “Driving”, “Braking”,”Steering” in liaison with protection of the driver is demanded. This is a company specialized in security for automotive.


Company’s Profile

Company info

Company name
White Motion LLC
2-1917 Nisshin-cho, Kita-ku, Saitama City, Saitama, Japan
Phone number
Atsuhiko Akiyama
Date of Foundation
Capital fund
20 Million 5 Thousand JPY.
Description of business
Development, Production and Sale of automotive cyber security software Consultant, Training
  • 2-1917 Nisshin-cho, Saitama Kita-ku, Saitama 331-0823 Japan
  • Nearest Station:6 minutes on foot from Miyahara station(West Exit),JR Takasaki line
  • TEL:048-661-0483