What White Motion
can do for automotive cyber security:

White Motion implements threat analysis on an entire vehicle and ECU controlling each function of the vehicle, establish appropriate countermeasures, feedback its know-how in the form of training for the automotive cyber security.


Complete analysis on vulnerability of
the automobile:

Complete vehicle threat analysis

Providing high accuracy vehicle threat analysis through penetration testing in environment as close as possible to real driving conditions, with large-scale facilities such as anechoic chamber or wind-tunnel.This allows OEM to create high-robustness vehicles, in both security and safety with recommendation based on threat analysis report.

Vulnerability evaluation for individual ECU

Verify ECU safety with vulnerability evaluation on the firmware via static and dynamic analysis with combination of various methods such as reverse engineering, fuzzing, and etc.


Improve vehicle security
with addition to existing

Security Gateway

Protect critical ECU by adding a fire wall mounting 6 channels and corresponds to CAN, CAN FD, Ethernet to the existing architecture.

Intrusion Detection Prevention System:

By implementation of signature detection and anomaly detection added to the existing architecture, high accuracy protection is realized and improves the security intensity.


Educate and train resources
who can develop and install
a security system on a vehicle.

Cyber-security training:

The training includes basic study of current state of automotive security and its countermeasure planning, technical contents such as ECU reverse engineering, and other necessary knowledge regards to the automotive security. The training also utilize ECU loaded miniature model and an actual vehicle for hands-on training to practice the knowledge learned at the class room training to develop an engineer with ready fighting power.